The Kogi Message to Little Brother

Posted: May 6th, 2009 by: h2

This one is depressing, mainly because the Kogi people, like other native peoples I’ve heard or read, realize the problem is not at all complicated: we have violated the fundamental conditions for life continuing on the planet earth. Well, it’s also depressing because this was done in around 1990, when the early warning signs were becoming very clear to these people, who had watched the natural world for centuries, millenia probably. Now of course everything is worse, and growing increasingly bad by the month almost now.

Watch this if you don’t watch anything else. (Google Video Page)

What I really have to agree with is them calling us ‘little brother’. We are so completely arrogantly twisted in our views that we think our own ways, which are destroying the planet incredibly quickly, have anything to teach of value.

More film at :: Keepers of the World (long flash video)

Personally, I’m getting tired of hearing people who are unwilling to engage in fundamental changes in our modern way of life talk about solutions etc when it’s those very ways of life that are the problem (you know, hybrids, wind power, high tech solar voltaic… all just ways to consume and destroy a little bit more before it all fails completely).

I’ll add a few of the better quotes from the first video, but I wanted to get this one posted first.

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