The Purpose of A Drop of Rain

Because I love backpacking, and nature, most of the content of this blog are about, surprise, backpacking and nature. Sometimes damage to nature, and sometimes about gear I like and have used backpacking.

While I don’t know exactly where this blog will end up, I do know that sharing ideas and tips and tricks is a nice thing to do.

For, as the Arab proverb says,
“The beginning of rain is but a single drop.”

Moving into the future

We are not separate from nature or each other, no matter how much we want to try to believe we are, so what we do to nature is done to ourselves as well, which is something to think about.

About the Site

The top image is a nice shot from deep inside the California Big Sur Ventana wilderness, from Ventana Double Cone, about 5000 ft.

A Drop of Rain is built with, and runs on, Free Software. The site is developed in Debian / Linux, and runs on Apache / FreeBSD.

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