Philip Sutton – Climate Code Red Interview Pt 3

Posted: May 22nd, 2008 by: h2

Check out this interview with Philip Sutton. You can also listen to the second and first parts of the interview (see below for links). What is being talked about here is scary stuff, and is going to start manifesting even more than it is already today, in increasingly obvious, and probably, deadly, ways.

Mankind has a test now, it can chose to take it seriously, or just try to carry on with business as usual as long as it can, which isn’t looking like it will be that long.

This is the third interview with Philip Sutton, coauthor with David Spratt of a recent report titled Climate Cod Red: The Case for a Sustainability Emergency. The first interview reviewed the latest scientific understanding of climate change and established an appropriate target for temperature change and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. The second interview discussed the socio-political implications of the latest scientific understanding—namely the need to go into “emergency” mode, abandoning business and politics as usual in order to make a rapid transition to a fossil-fuel free economy before catastrophe unfolds.
Philip Sutton, GobalPublicMedia, 28 Apr 2008

Download/Stream it directly (mp3).

You can find Part II here, and listen to mp3 here.

Part I is here. Listen to mp3 here.

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