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Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms: San Francisco / East Bay Orinda Acupuncture

Monday, August 7th, 2023


Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms: San Francisco / East Bay Orinda Acupuncture


Since you may not feel like reading a lot, first, the short version. You have chronic Lyme disease, doctors have not been helpful, and maybe even are telling you you don’t have it. You know this is not true, but can’t get help. You were not treated within 30 days of the initial bite/infection, and now can’t get rid of the Lyme disease. These practical tips may offer significant relief, and might restore a significant quality of life you have lost.

These are the basic steps that can help massively:

  1. Symptom Reduction+Strength Restoration: quality real acupuncture. If you are in the SF Bay area, particularly in the East Bay, Li Chen Wang’s Orinda Acupuncture ((925) 247-4183, 1 Northwood Drive, Unit 2, Orinda, CA 94563) can help a lot. She is familiar with Lyme disease and is a good communicator and listener. Practices real Asian style acupuncture, and has good pricing options for treatment plans. Highly recommended.
  2. Symptom Mitigation: there are some herbal tinctures that are known to help break down the outer protective surface of the Lyme bacteria, a good source for these is They ship very quickly, and have good prices. A common set of tinctures that is known to work quite well is Derek Clontz System Protocol 1. That’s an excellent value, and features 2 ounce bottle of Uncarine Max (aka Cats Claw, which you can also find locally in health food stores, but I believe the Uncarine is more potent, and a 2 ounce bottl Otoba Root extract. Take about 30 drops 2x a day to start, then after a while you can drop to 1x a day. that’s about 2/3 of a dropper, which the bottles come with. This is slow, but works over time to reduce frequency of symptom outbreaks
  3. Eat Well! Cut out as much white stuff from your diet as you can, in particular, sugars. Lyme loves sugar, so get rid of sugar from your daily diet. Whole grains are better than processed white grains, same reason. Potatoes have a lot of dense starch carbohydrates, so eat them much less often, and less of them. Changing your diet is both healthier for you anyway long term, and significantly reduces the intensity and frequency of the outbraks.

I’ll say a bit more about each of these below, but the above is all you need to really know to get on the way to feeling human again.


Note that proper traditional acupuncture works in a few ways: First, it can help reduce and improve and ideally heal the symptoms; Second, it can build up the body’s ability to heal itself, and restore the core vitality that long term illness can drain (related to the ch’i you may have heard a reference to). These two work together, as the body gets stronger, its abilty to heal itself and resist illness likewise improves. Which means, you feel better and stronger.

Finding a quality acupuncture practitioner makes a huge difference. Li Chen Wang’s Orinda Acupuncture is one such source. She does the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) version. You may find milder forms in your area, that can also help a lot, but they take longer, and at worst, don’t do all that much, but try to find someone reasonably close by because you need to go fairly often, ideally the initial treatments should be many within the first 2 weeks, in Asia, 10 in a row is common, every day, then looking at the progress after that. Li Chen has good pricing plans to support this type of care, most acupuncturists don’t, and it gets too expensive to consider as a practical option.


Orinda Acupuncture: High Quality Acupuncture to Recover from Long Standing Joint and Ligament Issues

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Over the years, I’ve collected more than my fair share of very hard to correct ligament and joint issues while hiking and backpacking, and realized that many or even most people might not be aware that such issues can often be resolved.

My usual practice is to go to a western doctor first, to make sure it’s not something like a fully torn ligament or broken bone or whatever, which it never has been. Afer I’ve excluded that, I then get high quality acupuncture to resolve the issue.

I’ve had real success with this over the years, but realize many to most Americans just are not aware of what acupuncture can actually do when done by a qualified and ideally Asia trained acupuncturist.

When I find a good one, I tend to stick with them because they are hard to find, acupuncture is sort of halfway between science and art, I think the more rigorous their training was, the closer to science, and the less, the closer to art.

I had some severe joint inflammation issues which were hampering my ability to train and hike, or even ride a bike, and I started getting acupuncture from a local Community Acupuncture branch, which are reasonably priced and sliding scale, but generally are staffed by US trained practitioners. I believe the schools here are roughly 6 month courses, though I’m not certain. But they are definitely not the full medical school type training they do in Asia.

This was helping, but was very slow, so I lucked out and found Li Chen Wang, and she had the long standing issues resolved within 5 or 6 sessions. She just opened a new practice of her own at Orinda Acupuncture, which is pretty close to the East Bay, and is well worth the trip if you live anywhere close by.

Her new practice is located at 1 Northwood Drive, Unit 2, Orinda, CA 94563, (925) 247-4183, but you can schedule an appointment using her website. She was working with another acupuncture group previously, but it did not allow her enough time to do the care she wants to do, so she decided to setup her own practice.


Stories Of Our World

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I have collected a variety of links and don’t really have anything to do with them, so I’ll just post them and let you figure it out.

All of them are in some way or other related to the state of our world now, no future fantasies are required to see the rapidly approaching future world.

Examining the Fiction of Safe, Clean Nuclear Power: Case Study

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Although I try to avoid verbatim repeats of people’s comment postings, this one is so clear and coherent that it really has to be preserved from the daily disappearing and endlessly scrolling comment threads appearing now daily at theOilDrum.

This is precisely the type of understanding the nuclear industry as a whole does not want people to have, and they try to keep these daily realities out of the media and public eye as much as possible in order to maintain the fiction of safe, clean power.

ransu on March 19, 2011 – 9:00am, Drumbeat discussion

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this field. I work with metrology of physics standards.

If you ever walk into a nuclear power plant, you will see danger signs with either or both of these written on them:



Basically there are two kinds of exposure to radioactivity: the direct exposure to radiation where an external source emits EM energy in the form of particles or energy which hit your body – let us call it external. For example walking alongside the waste pool now exposed and without its blanket of water between you and the rods, would mostly likely give you a lethal dose.

In a nuclear power plant areas marker with DANGER! DOSE RATE are areas where you are close enough or unshielded from the reactor core, waste pool or primary circuit. You need to wear a dosimeter and the time you spend there is monitored and limited. This part of radioactivity is what we can directly measure in units called Sievert with portable counters and indicators and the one currently quoted all over the media.

However it is contamination which is in many ways is a far greater danger. In order to have radiation you need something that radiates – a decaying radioisotope. Normally all these isotopes remain safely in the reactor core – and the extremely pure circulating primary water holds almost no radioactive isotopes (except for some very short lived temporarily created by the intense core radiation). However over time, and if you have abnormalities, especially accidents, core radiation can change the surrounding materials into radioactive isotopes – which is why you choose all materials and fluids very carefully and control their purity – and keep everything absolutely clean around there!

Areas of a nuclear power plant with DANGER CONTAMINATION include areas for fission material handling and areas indirectly exposed to intense radiation – where there is a possibility that some radioactive particles have either escaped or formed around surfaces where you might touch them, carry them with you, even inhale them. In these areas you need to wear a protective suit, and everything you carry with you outside, including yourself, needs to go through decontamination – meaning lots of scrubbing. You don’t want to get stuck with even one of these nasty particles because they can enter your body and literally give you “the dose of your life”.

Current Status of Japanese Tsunami Earthquake Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Areas

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

In general I tend to ignore surface noise as we scrabble around the floor of the pit we’re digging for ourselves, but now and then an event of such magnitude occurs that it’s just not possible to at least follow it as it unfolds.

Please note that some of these links will go offline as the world’s attention drifts towards other things, I’ll try to keep them fairly up to date.

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