Bacevich – The Limits of Power

Posted: September 30th, 2008 by: h2

Good transcript of Bill Moyer’s interview with Bacevich, author of The Limits to Power.

ANDREW BACEVICH: Our foreign policy is not something simply concocted by people in Washington D.C. and imposed on us. Our foreign policy is something that is concocted in Washington D.C., but it reflects the perceptions of our political elite about what we want, we the people want. And what we want, by and large – I mean, one could point to many individual exceptions – but, what we want, by and large is, we want this continuing flow of very cheap consumer goods.

And make sure to check out this ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ image of the Total Credit Market Debt as a % of GDP over the last 90 years or so. If you have a hard time understanding where we are about to go, take one more look, it’s all you should need.

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