Format Change

Posted: November 11th, 2009 by: h-2

I’ve re-organized the categories to be more straight forward.

Now all news, interviews, commentaries from outside sources, will go in the category Our World.

All items that are general commentaries will go into Reflections. If it’s a story about a specific news item, it will go in Our World, if it’s a general commentary, it will go in Reflections.

Since we’re now entering into the decline phase of many key global commodities, there’s no real point in pretending that an economic grind down event is separate from oil price spikes and other raw material instabilities.

But mostly I’ll be writing about things I like to do, like backpacking, being out in nature, and so on.

I will try to present more overviews now and then, and will try to tie things together a bit for readers who might find their way here.

Best of luck to you in the future, but don’t expect the present or past to reproduce, it’s just not in the cards. Stay out of debt, that’s the best advice at this point, live within your means, whatever you may feel you are entitled to have, what you can afford is what you actually should have today.

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