More Spills – BP blowout – Actinia 1993

Posted: June 7th, 2010 by: h-2

Oh, here’s another BP blowout, the Actania in 1993, off of Viet Nam. Just to help get across the point these blowouts aren’t really all that uncommon. Helps to have a perspective now and then I find.

Oh, also, don’t forget this one, Another Gulf oil spill: Well near Deepwater Horizon has leaked since at least April 30 (the Ocean Saratoga, picture under the fold…) … getting hard to keep up I have to say… here’s the 1993 video, it’s impressive, the first part is I think mostly natural gas.

Got this one from this comment, in a thread debating if Matt Simmons’ recent claim the actual BP blowout is actually 6 miles from the BOP location (nobody seems to think this is a valid idea, and many are wondering what is wrong with Matt, who is usually pretty solid…)

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The only way I can see for subsea blow out 6 or 7 miles away would be via a fault. BP drilling in Vietnam in 1993 with the Actinia semi sub hit such a fault.It was BPs first blow out for many years, looks like they are making up for lost time. From memory they were something like 10,000ft when they saw the sea erupting some distance from the rig. The blow out then came up under the rig around the casing. There is plenty of video on the net. With all the other problems BP had with this well and a fault like this, then they were just plumb out of luck. Possible but unlikely

and here’s the Ocean Saratoga, currently leaking in the Gulf of Mexico:

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