BP Internal Investigation Completed May 21st on Causes of Deepwater Horizon Blowout

Posted: June 18th, 2010 by: h2

This one popped out today in theOildrum.com Deepwater Oil Spill – the BP CEO and Congress – and Open Thread:, interesting stuff in light of the ongoing congressional investigations of the BP blowout.

I like how these oil company insiders hear this stuff, as they’ve noted, the drilling community is very small, and relatively closely connected, so if you’re in it, in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), it’s likely things will start leaking out, pardon the pun.

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Merril — I agree Tony would have a tech team evaluate the incident. Opinions will vary but I would bet my last container of Blue Bell ice cream he had a rather thorough analysis within 2 or 3 weeks of the explosion. The BOP failure would, of course, be a different matter. The bulk of those details still lay in 5,000′ of water. But IMHO the details leading up to the blow out have been documented and those depositions are sitting in the BP lawyer’s safe right now. And will stay there until the trial.
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The BP investigation took place at a hotel near the Houston HQ from May 7th to 21st and averaged 18 hours/day of work by a team from all over the world. That investigation did inlcude the depositions of the rig crew.

The draft report was ready on May 27th to be presented to BP executives, the final version was ready on Wednesday night, before the Congressional meeting.

Tony’s answers were probably ‘legal quality answers’, meaning any he said which was implied otherwise in the report which will surely be made available to Congress and/or OSHA mmight be unwise yesterday.

He could have taken the 5th I suppose, but that wouldn’t look good on Wall Street.

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Outstanding details Terry…mucho thanks. Might have to rename you TerrytheMole.

And then a bit further down the page the discussion resumed:

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sounds close to what i’ve heard on the drill engg grapevine ….although didn’t hear nothing about the final report until now….but then news comes in when it does …no one wants to be sticking their head out for news on this 🙂

heard Petrobras was heavily involved in analysis
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ali – same here. Didn’t want to repeat without some confirmation of the detail. Starting to get the feeling there are some BP hands blabbing. Maybe more than a few axes to grind.
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RM — yeah, i’d reckon there are a few axes.

don’t worry though …we have instituted our own investigative team ….as of today we have 4 qualified interns (2 aggies, a longhorn and a red raider) on the job….they will be investigating this incident and submitting their findings in 3 weeks time (they’ve been running TA/PA procedures and the ops superintendent thought it be a good idea to bust their balls a little)…i will share their conclusions when they present on TOD …

who knows…ROCKMAN SHELBURN HO el al might learn a few things when our high powered team of interns discuss their findings and i post them here on TOD 🙂
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Woudn’t be surprised ali. The kids start out so much smarter then when I started in ’75. Dang do I miss traning the new kids. I’d start off all patient and understanding. But when it came to a real time stimulation I would rattle them so bad some almost comw to tears. Like the old saying: it’s easy to hit a paper target when it ain’t shooting back at you. Easy to run the kill sheet when you’re not worrying about killing someone.

And there’s the latest in terms of what BP knows and when they knew it. The problem here is that report is not public. Not yet anyway.

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