Revised BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Pressures

Posted: June 8th, 2010 by: h2

Purely for the technically inclined, this was just updated. Shows the current revised pressure measurements at the Deepwater Horizon wellhead, inside the BOP unit, and at the exit point. Now you know too!

Taken from this thread.

Data source is the new: page.

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Love it!!

A major change from previous information. 4,400 psi at wellhead vs 8,000 to 9,000 psi previously thrown out casually at press briefings.

This actually makes more sense as it seems to indicate where BP might have gotten the estimated 20% increase in flow after cutting the riser off.

4,400 psi pressure at the wellhead, 2,560 psi at top of BOP, 2,250 psi static (past the riser kink.

1,840 psi pressure drop across BOP
310 psi drop across LMRP and kink, presumably mostly in the kink.
About a 17% difference. Obviously the calculation is much more complicated but 17% is pretty close to 20%.

Within the BOP:

730 psi drop at test rams
430 psi drop at lower pipe rams
620 psi drop at pipe rams and casing shear
60 psi drop at blind/shear rams

Someone who knows a lot more about BOPs might comment but it would indicate to me that most of the rams are at least partially operated or have some sort of obstruction.

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