The actual smoking gun in BP Oil Spill Deepwater Horizon?

Posted: June 13th, 2010 by: h2

I’m just posting this brief item to not lose this link in the maze, and also because I think in general what ROCKMAN thinks is worth noting is maybe actually worth noting.

Since the entire threads are very long, and since this one is unusually interesting, with many good posters, you can read only the comment sub-thread on this topic.

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Shortly after the blow out shots of the digital drilling console were posted showing mud pit volumes, stand pipe pressure, etc. Can’t find those post. Someone save the link?

What reminded me of those posts was the Energy Dept’s “transparent” web site with all the important data has none of this info. Might be nice to repost not just for the newbies but we have more oil field trash hanging out at TOD these days. I’m sure some of these guys can offer better analysis of this data.
[Note: links to documents and discussion follow, then this point:]
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I know ali. That’s why I wanted to get some new eyes on it. The CNN reporter asked how many folks at BP and elsewhere could have been watching this data stream in real time on the rig and at BP’s offices. My guess was that given the time of day and the phase they were in, it was quit possible that no one on the bank was watching. The data should have been on several monitors on the rig….coman’s office, mud room, driller’s dog house. But who was watching? The more important question IMHO: when did they first notice and how much time did they have at that point.

NEWBIES: save this link. I suspect it will become THE data at the heart of the eventual investigation/trial.
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EL – I can imagine no one on the bank watching…game seemed to be over once the csg was run. The hands on the rig is a different matter. There’s an outside chance they turned all the monitors off on the rig but that’s very unlikely IMHO. It’s hard to believe someone didn’t notice it early on in the event. From my experience it’s almost instinctive to look at the monitor when you pass it. From what little we know they might have started fighting the kick an hour before the explosion. But if they knew it was kicking that early then both coman, pushers and OIM should have been on the floor by then IMHO.
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RM — “IMHO: when did they first notice and how much time did they have at that point.”

that’s true…in fact too true and might just be what needs to be figured out….what confounds me is ….far as I am concerned at least three sets of eyes should’ve been on this…like you point out @ dog house, mud room and the coman…

this is specially confounding since from the testimony’s its clear the crew was on edge and there were some misgivings with trying to hurry up, TA and R/UP to move…in these conditions this slips by is even more perplexing…..

but far as I’m concerned …the coman should’ve been on this HIMSELF … knowingly race the clock and not monitor returns ….i would have some no-nonsense questions for the coman here ….has there been any chatter on TOD or elsewhere with regards to the coman ??? if he’s the experienced sort or like the new breed of coman/rig mgr’s that get plucked out of college and get mentored a year or two and become rig mgr’s …end up knowing just enough to be dangerous …my feeling is this could be a factor here….we had a bunch over at our office who got trained this way but we were able to convince mgmt to keep em’ in midland/odessa as rig mgrs for another coupla yrs or so running TA/PA and work-overs but some mistakes we would run across on the morning drill reports were surprising sometimes and downright stupid at other times….

The discussion goes on, with some more oil guys chiming in, I’d say it’s worth reading from the first link I gave here, the first ROCKMAN comment on down, it’s a quite long discussion so I wont’ try to summarize it here.

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