Interview with Robert Hirsch, “The Impending World Energy Mess”

Posted: October 17th, 2010 by: h2

Whatever you do, don’t miss this recent long interview with Robert Hirsh. He is interviewed by Jim Puplava. You can listen to the stream or download the mp3.

Hirsh has just written a new book called, of course, The Impending World Energy Mess [amazon].

If you take the time to stop watching fantasy news, left or right, and read a few serious people, like Hirsh, you’ll soon find there is exactly zero room for optimism about our energy future. Once your realize this, you may start taking steps that actually correspond somewhat to the future that is coming. In other words, steps that lead away from an unsustainable present. What Hirsh presents are just boring objective facts, and solid, workman-like analysis.

Refreshing, of course, in the way someone talking about something that actually resembles reality when everyone else is trying to make up an alternate reality. This reality is now being admitted by among others, the US Military, the German Military, the British Government, and an ever expanding group of somewhat rational cities around the planet.

Hirsh was the main author of the US government sponsored ‘The Hirsh Report’, which about 5 years ago outlined what was coming.

He has just written a new book that analyzes where we are at now, which is tipping on the edge of the peak, which further means, we’re about to start on the downhill side.

He covers all the current fantasies, wind power, solar, etc, as well as the past oil production, current oil production, and anticipated future production, including the current plateau of production we’ve been on now for about 5 years. Exactly as Deffeyes predicted, and pretty close to what Hubbert predicted some decades ago.

I really like Hirsh because he’s so solid, so non-dramatic, and he’s basically just interested in reality, not making up fairytales about how everything will be just fine when the as of yet undiscovered new energy source saves the day.

And this doesn’t even talk about over-population.

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