Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms: San Francisco / East Bay Orinda Acupuncture

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Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms: San Francisco / East Bay Orinda Acupuncture


Since you may not feel like reading a lot, first, the short version. You have chronic Lyme disease, doctors have not been helpful, and maybe even are telling you you don’t have it. You know this is not true, but can’t get help. You were not treated within 30 days of the initial bite/infection, and now can’t get rid of the Lyme disease. These practical tips may offer significant relief, and might restore a significant quality of life you have lost.

These are the basic steps that can help massively:

  1. Symptom Reduction+Strength Restoration: quality real acupuncture. If you are in the SF Bay area, particularly in the East Bay, Li Chen Wang’s Orinda Acupuncture ((925) 247-4183, 1 Northwood Drive, Unit 2, Orinda, CA 94563) can help a lot. She is familiar with Lyme disease and is a good communicator and listener. Practices real Asian style acupuncture, and has good pricing options for treatment plans. Highly recommended.
  2. Symptom Mitigation: there are some herbal tinctures that are known to help break down the outer protective surface of the Lyme bacteria, a good source for these is They ship very quickly, and have good prices. A common set of tinctures that is known to work quite well is Derek Clontz System Protocol 1. That’s an excellent value, and features 2 ounce bottle of Uncarine Max (aka Cats Claw, which you can also find locally in health food stores, but I believe the Uncarine is more potent, and a 2 ounce bottl Otoba Root extract. Take about 30 drops 2x a day to start, then after a while you can drop to 1x a day. that’s about 2/3 of a dropper, which the bottles come with. This is slow, but works over time to reduce frequency of symptom outbreaks
  3. Eat Well! Cut out as much white stuff from your diet as you can, in particular, sugars. Lyme loves sugar, so get rid of sugar from your daily diet. Whole grains are better than processed white grains, same reason. Potatoes have a lot of dense starch carbohydrates, so eat them much less often, and less of them. Changing your diet is both healthier for you anyway long term, and significantly reduces the intensity and frequency of the outbraks.

I’ll say a bit more about each of these below, but the above is all you need to really know to get on the way to feeling human again.


Note that proper traditional acupuncture works in a few ways: First, it can help reduce and improve and ideally heal the symptoms; Second, it can build up the body’s ability to heal itself, and restore the core vitality that long term illness can drain (related to the ch’i you may have heard a reference to). These two work together, as the body gets stronger, its abilty to heal itself and resist illness likewise improves. Which means, you feel better and stronger.

Finding a quality acupuncture practitioner makes a huge difference. Li Chen Wang’s Orinda Acupuncture is one such source. She does the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) version. You may find milder forms in your area, that can also help a lot, but they take longer, and at worst, don’t do all that much, but try to find someone reasonably close by because you need to go fairly often, ideally the initial treatments should be many within the first 2 weeks, in Asia, 10 in a row is common, every day, then looking at the progress after that. Li Chen has good pricing plans to support this type of care, most acupuncturists don’t, and it gets too expensive to consider as a practical option.

Note a few things: if you go and get multiple treatments and feel little to no real relief, and if all that happens is you feel kind of sleepy during the treatment, that’s unlikely to be effective treatment, though it may relax you. As Dr. Li Chen says, deep treatment for deep problems, and lighter for more surface issues. It depends on the symptoms and issues being adressed.

Another stumbling block is the mainly Western expectation of treatment, and the cost, versus the Asian. In Asia people are familar with this concept, so they know how often they have to go to get significant symptom alleviation. The west is hampered by the model of single patient visits, and the subsequent costs associated with that. Li Chen is trying to resovle that issue by adopting various pricing plans that make longer term treatments, which are often required, a realistic and practical option.

While the results can be astounding, some deep joint issues can take a while to resolve, but they take a lot less time and fewer visits with deep acupuncture than with shallow. So patience and sticking with it are highly recommended.


The tinctures listed above seem to be the core components that seem to do the most long term good, that’s Cat’s Claw/Uncarine Max and Otoba Root, though there are other combinations that feature those, but have more types added. These are good for the initial treatment period, but after some months have passed, you can probably safely drop down to the main 2. Remember you can often find Cat’s Claw either online or at your local health food store, but it’s usually just as expensive, if not more, as the tinctures from Note that if you order two of those protocols, you get free shipping.

This isn’t a permanent cure or anything, but it does help significantly long term for symptom and frequenncy of outbreak reduction, so this is more of a thing you will just keep doing. Note that it’s worth just experimenting once in a while after maybe 6 months on these protocols, and stop taking them. If you start getting sick again, it means that they were working, and you still need to use them. If you don’t get sick at all, then stop, since you may be recovered.

Diet – No More White Food!

I can’t emphathize this enough: STOP EATING WHITE FOODS!!! You can control your destiny and health, you aren’t a slave to this annoying and life altering bacteria you had the bad luck to get stuck with. Just knock sugars out, except for special occasions. Try to stop eating white flour, white rice, spagetti, potatoes, etc. Switch to whole grains. First, they taste better, and second, they are much less prone to flooding your body with sugars, which the lyme bacteria then feast on, and start to expand and grow, until you are back with your entire body inflamed, feeling cloudy headed, joints starting to swell, ligaments huring, etc.

I know habits are hard to break, but in this case, it’s worth it, and besides, it way better for you in every way, so that is a total win/win.


You can get your life back, but you need to change it as well. The above steps are very likely to help you in that process. If you are tired of feeling awful, cloudy thinking, joints shooting out of control, ligaments making you want to scream, and don’t want to flood your body with toxic antibiotics (though you should always try those first initially, because they can help a lot, but if you didn’t get treated before 30 days were up, the prospects long term are not that great in terms of permanently getting rid of these issues.

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